IT Sourcing Services

Why Outsource IT Services to Pakistan

Building an in-house IT team calls for significant investment of time, money and manpower. And, even then, you may not have all the skills or expertise needed to ward off IT failures and malfunctions.

You also need to identify the skills you are likely to require in the future, a challenging prospect, since this can be difficult to predict. Additionally, apart from forking out hefty recruitment fees, you’ll also need to factor in the ongoing training costs so that your IT team stays up to date.

Massive Talent Pool

Discover abundant and varied skills as Pakistan boasts the largest technical talent pool in the world.

Time Zone Advantage

While your competitors sleep, you get to race ahead with tasks finished well ahead of time.

Amazing Cost Savings

Save thousands of dollars per IT hire and re-channel those massive savings into growing your business. .

IT Outsourcing Services

Web Development & Hosting

From building websites and blogs to hosting, your VE web developer is an expert in all front-end and back-end technologies like PHP, .NET, Java, HTML, CSS and more.

CMS Development

VE’s CMS developers are proficient in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, DotNetNuke, Typo3, ExpressionEngine and more to create custom content management systems for you.

Software Development

Get bespoke software from VE’s software developers who are adept in all kinds of software development such as Python, Java, VB.NET, Flex and also custom programming.

Frontend Developer

Skilled in HTML, CSS and JS, and proficient in UI/UX, VE’s Frontend Developers expertly create interfaces that are responsive and easy to navigate for your visitors.

Application Development

Get your web apps or mobile apps developed, designed and tested here by VE’s IT experts. Automate business processes and applications for increased efficiency.

eCommerce Solutions

From setting up your online stores on platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and more to giving you customized eCommerce solutions such as SSL certificates, get them all here.

Software Testing

Ensure a bug-free software through Software Testing, Automated Software Testing, Manual Testing, White-box Testing and Black-box Testing. Let flawless software be deployed to your market.

Database Management

Create error-free and streamlined database management systems such as Multidimensional DBMS, Relational database management systems, Network databases, and Object-oriented databases.

IT Support

Get dedicated IT Support in the 4 major platforms – Windows, Linux, Vmware and HyperV; 8 major IT areas (Software, Hardware, Network, Security, Voice, Cloud, Virtualization and Email) and all 4 levels of IT Support.

Network Installation & Support

VE’s Network Administrators ensure the smooth functioning of your network and all related workloads, such as Firewall Configuration, User Access Restrictions, Country-Wise Access Restrictions and more.

Machine Learning

Hire ML experts to get tailor-made solutions to IT-related problems. They also excel in data-to-training models to automate processes like speech recognition, market forecasting, image classification and more.

IT Security

Don’t end up as another statistic! Hire VE’s IT security experts who can protect your online business from spam, virus and other online threats with Information Security Management, Detection and Response and more.

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