Email/live Chat Assistant

Hire Email/live Chat Assistant from Pakistan

Skilled in active listening, problem-solving, and communication, and they may receive training in customer service best practices and specific company policies and procedures. They may also use CRM software or other tools to track customer interactions and ensure that all inquiries are resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Massive Talent Pool

Discover abundant and varied skills as Pakistan boasts the largest technical talent pool in the world.

Time Zone Advantage

While your competitors sleep, you get to race ahead with tasks finished well ahead of time.

Amazing Cost Savings

Save thousands of dollars per IT hire and re-channel those massive savings into growing your business. .

Email/live Chat Assistant Services

Responding to Livechat enquiries

Provide a range of services to help businesses manage and respond to live chat inquiries, such as 24/7 live chat support, multilingual support, and automated chatbots.

Engaging customers

Provide a range of services to help businesses engage with their customers, such as customer surveys and feedback programs, social media marketing, content marketing, and personalized marketing campaigns.

Documenting customer interactions

Provide a range of services to help businesses document their customer interactions, such as call recording and transcription, email and chat logs, social media monitoring and analysis, and customer feedback surveys

Providing customer support

Provide tools and resources to help businesses track and manage their customer support interactions, such as ticket tracking software, CRM software, and customer feedback platforms.

Team Collaboration

Provide a range of services to help businesses improve their teamwork and collaboration, such as cloud-based storage and file sharing, project management tools, and real-time collaboration features.

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